Clippers’ recovery is just beginning

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By Scott Howard-Cooper,

[nba-video vid=channels/playoffs/2014/04/27/]
VIDEO:Warriors cruise past Clippers to even series 2-2

OAKLAND — By the end — of the game, of the trip they unfortunately will never forget, of the questions to Barack Obama in Malaysia — the worst thing of all was waiting for the Clippers.

The reality that it was not the end.

Sunday actually marked the earliest days of the Donald T. Sterling saga, not the chance to put it behind them. The controversy over racist remarks attributed to Sterling isn’t going away, what has suddenly become an entirely unpredictable future for a roster that once seemed locked up isn’t going away and, oh, by the way, the Warriors aren’t going away either.

The Clippers who pulled away from Oracle Arena for the bus ride to the airport and the hour flight back to Los Angeles were a fragile group, a head coach…

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