The Memorial Day weekend

This 3 day weekend was a blast for myself because the whole time I was playing basketball to at least nine o clock at night. I played basketball at Mitchell Park or what some call the Domes, I played with my brother and two of his friends. Saturday I went to my moms house, my brother and I went straight to the basketball courts we stayed there until 10:30 PM. I realized that I have gotten way better at basketball because the people I play with are over 20 years old and i can still keep up with them. Its irratating when I go play basketball though cause every time I go play basketball anywhere they call me,”little BG.” The next day, Sunday, we stayed out until 9:30 and I was balling, I won almost every hustle I played in and that was a good day for me. Then Monday we stayed out until 7:30 which is when i had to go home and that was boring cause it was only me my brother and his friends, overall I had a good weekend.

Sammy Watkins

Sammy Watkins in my personal view is the next Randy Moss. He has some unbeleivable highlights and I think he’s gonna have a great future in the NFL. He is gonna be with the Buffalo Bills and he’s gonna impact that team a ton.


I was so surprised at how long it took “johnny football” to get drafted. There were so many offensive line man that got drafted in the first round and what surprised me the most was that Blake Bortles got drafted third in the first round.

MVP Speech

Kevin Durant was named MVP and gave one of the most heartfelt speeches i’ve ever heard. In his speech he thanks his mom and I think that’s the best part of the speech. A lot of people were shedding tears even his teammates, like Caron Butler. I think a lot of people were surprised on how much emotion he showed with that speech, that was a side of Kevin Durant most don’t get to see.


This weekend was really one of the most funnest weekends in a long time. On Friday I went to Rollaero and that was super fun cause there wasn’t a lot of people so that meant there was no drama and just hanging out with friends. On Saturday I had a soccer game in which we won 3-0, I had fun because I got an assist to joey for a buzzer beater. I’m also happy because since me and johnny played the goalies we get to get subs from subway. So far our team is undefeated with one win and one tie, the other team has lossed all there games so far which is two. After soccer I went to my grandmas house which was extemely fun cuz I got to hang out with my grandma and my cousin. Overall my weekend was pretty good.


Last night I thought the Thunder really dominated and played like a true championship team. The people I thought really showed up today were Russell Westbrook and Reggie Jackson. Reggie jackson played a phenomenal game and I think he’s one of the main reasons they won, giving them most of the bench points. Russell Westbrook played a surprising game as well, he took great shots and did not shoot as many field goals as thought to of shot. He played like a true point guard and carried his team by playing like the point guard he’s supposed to play like. I think that this series will be won by Oklahoma but only if they play like they should be playing like. They potentially could get to the finals but only if they play like they played in game 6 throughout the rest of the playoffs.

Clippers’ recovery is just beginning

Stephan Curry is by the way my favorite player of the year. | Hang Time Blog

By Scott Howard-Cooper,

[nba-video vid=channels/playoffs/2014/04/27/]
VIDEO:Warriors cruise past Clippers to even series 2-2

OAKLAND — By the end — of the game, of the trip they unfortunately will never forget, of the questions to Barack Obama in Malaysia — the worst thing of all was waiting for the Clippers.

The reality that it was not the end.

Sunday actually marked the earliest days of the Donald T. Sterling saga, not the chance to put it behind them. The controversy over racist remarks attributed to Sterling isn’t going away, what has suddenly become an entirely unpredictable future for a roster that once seemed locked up isn’t going away and, oh, by the way, the Warriors aren’t going away either.

The Clippers who pulled away from Oracle Arena for the bus ride to the airport and the hour flight back to Los Angeles were a fragile group, a head coach…

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The bobcats lost a close game yesterday which was i thought not lost until the refs didn’t call the foul commited. I think that, that the bobcats were cheated outed of their win and that that win from the miami heat is once again cheated. I don’t think the Bobcats are out quite yet, they just have to beleive in themselves. The miami heat are good but there way to overated i dont like them at all.

Spring Break

To me I thought spring break was just so boring, the only fun part was going to play basketball. Almost the whole spring break I had to stay inside because of my brothers stupid decisons. I think that this was the most boring Spring Break yet, it is because i did almost nothing the entire time. I got to go to a high school birthday party for one of my brothers friend and that was fun, not really but there were lots of food so i was happy. I ate a lot during spring break because we had an easter egg hunt yesterday so a lot of people came which means lots of food that I ate.

Birthday Party

So since I didn’t have my birthday party before my birthday I decided to have it after, my birthday was on the seventh. I’m having a sleep over before the party with Kellen, Richie, and Drake. Were going to be playing basketball and watching video games this is really funny because none of the can play basketball. I’m going to be crossing all of them up especially Kellen, video games will be fun also cause like last year were probably gonna stay up all night playing video games. For the part I am going laser tagging and they’re will be ten people coming including myself, I just hope they can all come cause then they’re will be even teams. The more people that come the more fun it is so with 10 people it should be extremely fun. After my party I will be going to my moms where i shall play basketball with my brother at Mitchell park and i shall be made a home cooked meal by my mother along with a ice cream cake that is well overdue. I say well overdue cause my mom owes me about ten cakes but lately she has been making me cakes. I hope this weekend is going to be super fun cause then it will officially make my birthday complete. I’m mostly just looking forward to spending time with some of my dearest friends, I only wish I could invite more people because I would like to invite more people than I have cause some of my friends didn’t get invited and that makes me extremely sad.


I feel so bad for Gino because he got non-stopped messed with at Noah’s house. He got stuff drawn on his face and hit with a belt it was just so funny but at the same time so messed up. Its kind of his fault but in a way its not, it is because he was the first one to fall asleep, its not his fault cause he didn’t do anything to us. Its all good though he already knew he was gonna get messed with the second he fell asleep so its mainly his fault but I still feel bad because they didn’t stop messing with him until 4 in the morning, so yea give Gino a little sympathy.

Rollaero Tonight

Tonight so many people are going to Rollaero including Me, Kellen, Noah, Quinton, Richie etc……. I’m driving Kellen to Rollaero and it looks like it’s going to be so fun. Kellen can’t skate, so it looks like i’ll be pushing him down continuously. Even though he’s my cousin, I’m still gonna give him a hard time. I haven’t been to Rollaero in so long, so I’m looking forward to going, especially since so many people are going today. The one thing I just hope is that there aren’t any complications with other skaters, I’ve been hearing how that there’s been more fights going on there and I just don’t want to be giving anyone that “2 piece with no fries.”


 The Pacers are in a huge slump and are losing games that they shouldn’t be losing. They lost to Cleveland and Cleveland is without Kyrie Irving, so there’s absolutely no reason they should be losing by single digits, they shouldn’t be losing at all. I don’t think they’re playing as a unit and I think they need to get it together if they even want to get past the first round and they’ll have to play way better if they want to get to the finals.

Ankle Twisted

 My ankle hurts so bad and every time I walk I feel a slight sting and i start limping. My dad is so bogus and made me keep walking on my foot and didn’t even take me to the doctor. It was so swollen when i first twisted it which was at the game and even when it was twisted I still played basketball which I don’t think helped, but it was all worth it cause i packed kellen so hard at quientons house, Kellen got mad when i packed him so he fouled me for the rest of basketball by karate chopping me and hurting me.


Sports are basically my life I know that sounds really lame but its true but its true I play sports 24\7 and me and my brother challenged each other in sports since we started playing them. Sports are life for me and like many others in the world, many work to try and make life better, so that’s what I do I try and perfect sports since they’re my life. My brother was the one who introduced me to my life (sports), and he is the one I credit the most for starting my life up. I may not be good at all sports but I enjoy and love them so I choose to do them out of fun, I always have fun when playing sports even when I try and get better at them. Sports is also a reason I bond with so many people its because they play sports, they might not take it as serious at times but most of my friends enjoy it the same amount. I’ve never enjoyed anything, as much as sports in my life, I love sports and that will never change.